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Healthy Foods Gain Ground In Vending Machines

health eating

Vending machine stocks carry more than junk food today. A time traveler from the 1970s would feel bewildered at the choice and range of food in a vending machine, perhaps even insulted that the reign of candy bars and potato chips no longer captures each and every tray of his office vending machines. One upon a time healthy foods were considered radical and those who advocated for them suspect, as if those who wanted healthy eating options sought to bring down the whole of society. Employee vending machines are stocked with a range of healthy snacks these days to cater to employee tastes and promote healthier eating options.

Many people recognize the need to seek out healthy foods, and want vending machines which cater to their tastes. Whole foods are known to be better energy

boosters over processed sugars. For an afternoon snack a candy bar can have a quick boost and a hard crash where a pack of dried fruit gives a steady gain of energy throughout the rest of the work day. Of course, healthy foods promote keeping a healthy weight. This is why schools and employers seek to load their vending machines with healthy options.
Choosing a snack from a vending machine is all about quick choice. No one wants to stand there and think about what to eat. That’s why vending machines need to have attractive and straight forward packaging that healthy or not, appeals to the taste of the individual. Convenience is a factor vending machine distributors take into consideration with any kind of food with which they stock their vending machines. No matter if the food which sits on the tray is a chocolate bar or a package of nuts, it has to be attractive, fresh, and clearly labeled.

Currently, healthy foods in vending machines break down into roughly three categories – fruits, nuts and crackers. While vending machines are available which refrigerate the contents, whole pieces of fruits like apples, bananas and oranges are not popular choices among consumers because they just plain aren’t that yummy next to even a yogurt, much less an ice cream bar. They also have a short shelf life even when refrigerated when compared with dried fruit. Packages of dried fruit are the far more common form fruit takes in a vending machine.

Nuts are another popular choice for vending machines. They are high in protein and promote energy. Since many people watch their salt intake, salted and unsalted options are typically available.

Crackers sit in a middle ground between junk food and healthy food. A typical employee vending machine will have several kinds of crackers. Those which are labeled as being made from whole grains are the healthier choice.


Healthy Choices

  • Snackwell Cookies
  • Rold Gold¬†vending_snacks-03Pretzels
  • Sun Chips
  • Baked Lays
  • Sugar Free Rugar Cookies
  • Fat-free Fig Newtons
  • Nutri-grain Bars
  • Roasted Almonds
  • Sugar-free Gum
  • Rice Cakes
  • Yogurt Bars
  • Dasini Water
  • Aqua Fina Water
  • Crystal Geyser Flavored Waters
  • Welch’s Juices
  • V-8 Juice
  • Many more!